Collection of Robot Kinect Hacks

Hey guys, I’m making a list of different robot hacks we’ve seen. I’d like some feedback from you guys and give me links for these greatness hacks.

Just to clarify, the Kinect robot hacks I’m looking require the following:

1. Mechanical Robot Setup as the Primary Base

2. Using Kinect either to control or serve some feature for the robot.

3. Functional and has some purpose.

So there. I want to compile this list in the hopes of creating a timeline for the improvements this Kinect robot study has seen and will be seeing.

I will constantly update the list based on the tips you guys give me so keep em coming.

Kinect Robot Hacks List:

1. Kinect Robot Arm Control with Kinectobot – … inectobot/ – Uses Kinect to control robot arm.

2. Kinect controlling and interacting with the Nao Robot - – Using Kinect to control Nao Robot

3. Kinect essential for Autonomous Navigation of Mini Car – … -mini-car/ – Kinect can give automated navigation for car.

4. 3d Map reconstruction by Kinect Robot – … ect-robot/ – Uses robot to navigate and create 3d map of area.

5. Controlling Humanoid Robot via Kinect – … ia-kinect/ – A robot-looking classic controlled by Kinect. Looks very accurate.

6. Kinect 3d Modeler and Scanner – roboScan – … -roboscan/ – Robot arm with Kinect mounted captures 3d picture.

7. Delta-Robot controlled by Kinect – … by-kinect/ – UFO Catcher looking robot controlled by hands with Kinect

8. AVA App Ready Robot with Kinect from iRobot – … om-irobot/ – A robot looking like a robot assistant.

Thank you for this BillDanes.

would you happen to know where I can buy some of the robots in the posts you gave?
love this thread. do add this too. … ow-garage/

Here is my share of the compilation. Hope you add these to the list. … bot-clone/ … ipulation/

I love how the Kinect gives robots the automated navigation. feels like something from a sci-fi movie. would love to see a real humanoid, mobile robot to be used with the Kinect. Also, more consumer drones can be used with the Kinect to probably scout hunting grounds for dangers and the like.

Hey guys, please add this to your list!

Kinect wi-Go Robot System

Its the wi-go robot supposedly like a automated shopping cart. great concept if you ask me and not just for the impaired or disabled but also for future uses. its hacks like these that gets me all excited on what to expect next. would be nice if i can have an automated Kinect coffee maker LOL