Top Kinect Hacks lists

More and more people are really beginning to take a look at the Kinect Hacks. I myself have told some of my friends about my fascination about the Kinect, but for one reason or another they don’t fully grasp the true potential of the Kinect unless I actually show them what I’m working on.

Without further a do, here are Mashables Top 7 Mind Blowing Kinect Hacks:

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This is from How Stuff Works –

I’m not so sure with their 5th choice, “Evil Genius Simulator” Its nice but it doesn’t push the Kinect that far.

from ign. a bit dated but still worth the look

Kinect has a top 10 list as well although I’m not sure the last time that it was updated

Top 10 Best Kinect Hacks

While some of the hacks are cool that are on there, I don’t think that most of them belong on the top ten list. For example #9 is a movie/short video clip which doesn’t really display anything with the Kinect other than the overlay of the ‘character’.

#8 is cool, but again, is that really worth being in the top 10 all time Kinect hacks? I don’t think so.

#6 – For sure, as simple as it is it makes great sense and I can see this hack making sense and a lot of inspiration coming from it

#2 – Kinect PS3? Really? I mean the guy couldn’t even do anything with the PS3, FAIL HACK and not worthy of #2 on this list

That’s my opinion on that list, I really hope it gets updated soon to a list that actually shows that the Kinect technology is progressing civilization, not attempting to play a PS3.

Here is a list in Crunch Gear and my take: … -month-in/

All the selections are great, to think these hacks came days from the actual Kinect release. Awesome people in the hacking community to make all these. My personal favorite is the Quadrotor which really pushed the envelope in using the Kinect. The lightsaber hack ain’t too shabby as well. The virtual puppets is also a great hack. My take is that these really did start a lot of things for the kinect hacks. hope to see more of these soon.

Maybe we should put some criteria on how the Kinect hacks may fall on the top 10 list. Here are my suggestions:

30% – game changer: how the current hack has the potential to forever change the face of technology.

30% – uniqueness: how the current hack is very intuitive and original, no one has taught about this yet.

30% – resourcefulness: how the current hack was made and can be used with minimal expenses.

10% – aesthetics: how the current hack’s presentation and interface is great and clean to look at.

What do you guys think?