facetracking dll x86

I’m trying to use the facetrackingbasics-wpf example that comes with the kinect sdk and have a problem with the dll “facetracklib.dll”. My problem is that I’m using another peripheral that requires the app to ran in x86 mode. When I run the facetrackingbasics-wpf app in this mode I get an error that says “can’t find facetracklib.dll”. The program runs fine when I run it without modifying anything but when I change to x86 it fails.
All I can figure out is that I need to copy the “facetracklib.dll” in to the windows assembly by using gacutil.exe but it fails and says it needs a manifest file.

My question is:
How do I get the “facetracklib.dll” to be recognized by my application? Do I need to add it to the GAC somehow or do I add a reference to it within my project in Visual Studio 2010? I did try both of these so far with no luck though…

Thank you in advance,