Having Kinect User Profiles Saved

Hi. I got this news from Digital Trends

Apparently, Microsoft wants to put additional support to the Kinect by giving it a software or at least a code that can save and recognize individual preference in motion. So if I move in a certain manner, Kinect can save it for optimal use.

Excerpt from the article:

As the application reads, a “gesture-based system” for which “no controllers or devices are necessary” can be trained to recognize and store user-specific movements to a profile. That profile information, which “can be further updated with the latest data,” can be used for “gesture recognition techniques.” The patent application abstract also makes mentions of “roaming” gesture profiles which “is available in a second location without requiring the system to relearn gestures that have already been personalized on behalf of the user.”

It would be great if this could come true as I’ve experienced discrepancy in the controls. What do you people think? Can we beat Microsoft to it and create a storage based for user profiles?

Where will the profiles be saved and can this be used in kinect hacks? I’m sure they’re going to use this on the Xbox but what about PC memory and how can this be integrated?

I believe its either going to be

1. Xbox Live will have the ability to save your profiles for convenient access online or

2. The SDK will come with a feature to save profiles.

I dont think Kinect has the on-board memory to store.

I see problems here:

Number 1, where will this be stored and how will it be accessed? If it can be stored in an online storage base of Microsoft then swell. But PSN got hacked recently and I don’t know how much information our body language can be used against us, but its better to be sure. So again, where can this be saved and how can this be accessed.

Number 2, I’m not so sure how it will work. How can it “Adjust” to our movements? Will it record height and arm length and such? Speed of movement? It changes because people grow and people tire so the performance of each one varies over time.

Number 3, can this be used with the Kinect hacks if ever? I’m not sure how but I’m hoping that if does yield great benefits, then the people with Kinect hacks should benefit as well.

My 2 cents.