Kinect + Other Devices – Which work well?

Hey guys! I’ve been reading a lot about Kinect cross-device setups like Kinect + iTouch and Kinect + iPad.

I would like to know more devices that you’ve seen or experimented on. I have this idea for a hack and I would like to know all platforms that would support the device.

Various USB Devices can be controlled with the Kinect. Look at this one.

Kinect USB Rocket Launcher

Maybe you can go control a USB Fan too!

Are you talking about electronic devices that can be integrated with the Kinect? I saw android devices showing the same potential as to Apple products. Might worth a shot

Would you happen to know if they already made the Kinect run on RIM’s playbook?

I doubt it will work with the RIM, its not yet open I believe

Absolutely you can use different devices with the Kinect. There have been a number of hacks that utilize various motion tracking gadgets along with the Kinect to allow for different levels of capture and input. For example, the Wii remote & Sony Move have been two popular controllers that allow users to not only be captured via movements but also tracking orientation of devices on the TV. For example for first person shooters.

would you happen to know if the Kinect has been tested to activate professional cameras?

I have heard of the iKinect project that wants to string up the Kinect with iPhone and iTouch devices. This will be good for you since the apple gadgets really push the boundaries in terms of touch surfaces. Lotsa hackers use the iPhone to create variety to their hacks. One Kinect user moves and the iphone user touches. The game featured by the iKinect projecti involves guns and space ships and you might want to take a look on that.

Though I would like to see more android phones. No offense to apple, its just too damn expensive. Android ones though are cheap yet not so far off from Apple’s tech. I’m trying to check if I can control touch screen devices with the kinect. any news on that?

there was a video that proved the concept. very delicate and complicated setup but i can be done.

Thanks Guys, I’m planning to use the Kinect with a custom made AA power supply. It would be great for the program and device I’m making. watch out for it