Star Wars Kinect – Get ready!

I can only imagine the possibilities of this game, I’m like most people and grew up around Star Wars. The simple idea that this game is being adapted for the Kinect is briliant. Check out Anthony Daniel’s latest tweet

I have played Star Wars Kinect. You haven’t. You can’t wait. I can’t say anything more.

The game is still under active development over at Terminal Reality (Ghostbusters) but both LucasArts and Microsoft are keeping their cards close to their chests for the time being, possibly waiting to blow us all away with the first proper reveal.

Get ready for Star Wars Kinect, because I sure am.


You think they’ll do more than Lightsaber action and even have Kinect gestures for “The Force?”

I do actually think that’s how they are going to create the Kinect Star Wars game, utilizing a lightsaber actions and movements. Best part for the true Star Wars fans? We can probably use our own lightsaber props and the Kinect will be able to recognize them! How cool is that?

Unfortunately there really isn’t a whole lot of details about the game or anything from Lucas Arts. I’m hoping we hear more stuff soon!

Kinovator, would love some updates regarding this game too being the StarWars nerd myself!

Do update me once the news is out!

Star Wars Kinect is an on-rails first-person game where you take control of Jedi in the Star Wars universe. You will have a variety of moves at your disposal, from using your Lightsaber to Force-pushing or lifting enemies to either temporarily or permanently disable them.

they recently displayed it during the e3. lots of people enjoyed it apparently so im really looking forward to this one. FORCE PUSH!!!! 😈