Kinect hand and fingertips recognition

It works out of the box! Incredible :

btw there are tons of code available on codeplex!

cool is this free to download?

I believe it is.

better to download this also, not sure if Kinect has the finger tracking mechanisms. And user feedback will greatly enhance programs such as these.

Besides, if we give feedback, Microsoft sees it, they’ll definitely buy it and make it better. and the last thing we want is a good program gone to waste. Fingertracking FTW

I agree with Leviathan. more feedback from us dudes who actually hack the Kinect and develop programs will definitely help the SDK grow.

For all we know, these programs might be linked to developers of the SDK. the more we fine tune these programs, the better these can get and the more possibility of having these developers be hired by Microsoft.

Would like to see further development on the voice commands though. I think this would be the next level for the Kinect.