Commercial Version of the SDK

would appreciate news regarding the commercial version of the sdk. I heard from the last update that they were planning to release 2 versions of kinects sdk. news? 🙄

I havent heard from anything. i dont know what will be the difference though. i bet it will just have a price and some platforms to patent your work.

We’ll have to wait for may to find out then. I honestly believe that the commercial SDK will have “bonus” features but I don’t see the sense in it as the people already hacking the Kinect can easily make something similar.

I wish it can help users pitch their hacks to other companies.

I firmly wish that the Kinect commercial version can give users options to patent their work. In that case, the basic SDK are for hackers who want to put their concept to use and the commercial ones are for those with an already solid concept and want to make the hack more commercial and presentable. That way, kinect hackers will really go overdrive if they know that Microsoft has given them the opportunity to sell their findings or improve it better.

I just read some news regarding the commercial SDK and this is what I got:

The one that would be released soon is the Microsoft Kinect SDK BETA. This means that this is NOT yet the full release. The full release would be sometime later and that will be commercialized.

Also, the BETA will be open sourced. Meaning we can probably tinker with it. I don’t know what MS wants but my guess is that they will be using some beta developments to further enhance the commercial version. With this said, we need to probably have a page dedicated to Kinect SDK Beta developments.

So the SDK was released. From what ive been gathering from MS’s release as well as word from the community, the Kinect Commercial SDK is the same one with the standard SDK we’ve been talking about. Some clarifications:

The free SDK is the SDK beta version that we currently have now.

The commercial sdk will be the full release once user feedback has been given and incorporated. It will be released later this year i heard.

I wonder what the difference between the two will be? Any ideas on the pricing as well?