John Gaeta with Kinect

Hey guys do you know John Gaeta, he is the visual designer of matrix and speed racer and an award winner too. I just saw at the website that he made a company which is currently making use of the Kinect. They made a lot of games using the Kinect and quite frankly, I loved what they did.

Primarily because of the visual graphics that the games offer. the production quality is really upped. it just pleases me to know that Hollywood specialists are seeing the Kinect as a nice equipment for visual effects and game controllers.


this is great. john gaeta really did a lot of good visual effects such as bullet time. if he’s using the kinect then its a sign that even big shots like john know the benefits of the Kinect. this will really help the community in becoming larger. i wonder who will be next aside from john gaeta? how about steven spieldberg making a movie from the kinect? LOL

Wait the matrix guy is now using the Kinect?! this is great, that really brings up the possibility of having 3d depth cameras be used for commercially large film effects. I myself have been testing the Kinect for various video effects and realtime rendering. I’ve been hoping for a comprehensive Kinect-video editing software that will make it easier. But as far as I am concerned, it is entirely possible. Although Gaeta used the Kinect for games, I have no doubt he’ll try it with his films!

Really now? would like to see what he does with the kinect even on a small scale. saw the games of his upstart company and i loved what he did there. hope to see more of gaeta and the kinect in the future.

now that theres 3d, can he do the bullet time camera angle revolution with fewer cameras/Kinect? would love to hear that.

I guess I predicted this kind of reception? hahaha. i mean kinect is such a nice tool and it would be a waste if people in the movie industry fail to see the benefits of this affordable device.

indie film makers would be more than happy as well. I mean indie animated films can now be made! and just think of the possibility! loving this indeed!