Post Kinect meets Eyetracking

Eye tracking is one of the most fascinating technologies. You can select items just by looking at them, you can control games and even your browser will automatically scroll adjusted to your reading.

It feels like the computer is reading your mind and once you use it, you will never want to miss it again.

Eye tracking usually requires expensive IR technology, but with a little twist and the NUIA eyeCharm your Kinect can be upgraded to an eye tracker.
The eyeCharm is an hardware add-on for the Kinect and we have just launched it in a Kickstarter project. You can find all the details and how it works at the project page at … e-tracking.

We hope it is OK that we posted here directly. To kickstart we need to spread the word quickly and we honestly believe you guys will love the idea.

If you like this, help us spreading the word. If you want to experience the magic of eye tracking yourself, back the project 🙂

Thank you for your time – we sincerely hope you like what we do.