Post Will the toolkits be obsolete?

So the SDK promises to have all the necessary stuff inside them. I believe that will include the keymapping, a more comprehensive skeletal tracking, customizable NUI features, audio processing, depth data and all.

Now I was wondering if, given all these features, the FAAST, OpenNI, OpenKinect and the other toolkits would be rendered useless. If so, then can we full rely on the SDK to give us everything we need? I understand the complete version will be out a little later.

So guys, what do you think?

I don’t think so… openni and Nite have most of these features….

You think they made the SDK with the purpose of working with or without those toolkits?

I mean you’ve probably heard its still in beta, so if we give our feedback and they listen, will the SDK potentially have all the features the toolkits have?

I think most of these toolkits still have uses though some will be vastly outdated now that the Kinect is out.

1.) Installing Kinect on your PC is now easy now that the SDK is out. The vangoes guide wont be needed as much as the SDK will provide means to install.

2.) The skeletal tracking of some toolkits won’t be needed as well. the SDK now has the best skeletal tracking program. Though i dont think the specific hand and finger gestures are incorporated. anyone care to shed some light?

3.) audio drivers won’t be needed. SDK has it also. and voice commands can be programmed at the SDK too i believe.

4.) toolkits like FAAST though still have their purpose. I believe these will stick around until the commercial release of the SDK.