The real KILLER app for kinect on PC.

so Ive had a kinect for a while just collecting dust (quite literally) since Ive been fascinated with the kinect since it was project natal. I’m also making a light duty CNC/3d printer and wanted to add a 3d scanner so I could reproduce items, out of a stroke of luck I found this guy who is making software that uses a kinect to make a real time 3d model of anything, not only is it super fast but what amazed me was that it refines the model the more it sees the object. you really have to see it to believe it. you don’t even have to place it on a turn table or in a special set up corner like dave3d, in another of his videos he walks around with the kinect and it maps his whole desk in ever increasing detail.

the guy just sent me an a message and now they are taking beta testers… you can go to his site above or his blog to find out more but I think his demo videos kinda speak for themselves on how awesome this is. he told me on reddit that if it gets more attention he gets more resources to work on it.. so naturally I wanted us Kinect-tards to know about it. I cant wait to get my hands on it!