Up to date installation procedure for 64 bit processors

Kinect installation procedure for 64 bit processor computers and windows 7 64 bit edition
Working on may 17th 2011. 💡

1) Install OpenNi Dev 32 bit (unstable version)
2) Install SensorKinect-Win-OpenSource32-5.0.1
3) Connect the kinect to your computer
In the device manager, you should see :Image

4) Install microsoftvisual C++ 2008 redistribuable if it’s not already installed
5) Installer NITE-Win32- (stable version)
6) the free key is 0KOIk2JeIBYClPWVnMoRKn5cdY4=

In the software uninstall window, you should now see this :

In order to use FAAST
DOwnload FAAST 0.8 (http://projects.ict.usc.edu/mxr/faast/)
execute FAAST.exe
Make sure your kinect is connected and clic « connect » in the faast window.
You should see those line appear :
Attempting to initialize OpenNI sensor…
Sensorinitialized successfully.
Attempting to start VRPN server… success!

The FAAST window is now black, take a few steps back and you will appear on screen
Take the PSI position in order to start the skeletal tracking.
And VOILA! :mrgreen:

Hey alexym thanks for the post. We’re trying to create Kinect hacks for dated operating systems too but this one’s a sure breakthrough.

thanks m8
this is the first tutorial that gets me beyond the drivers step

but when i try to start FAAST i get that the openni.dll is missing… how can i solve that ?

I would suggest installing the official Kinect SDK in order to make the Kinect work despite what processors you have. The Kinect SDK is a user friendly “all-in-one” pack from Microsoft that let’s users/hackers like us activate the Kinect on our PCs.

This guide is a bit out of date now. But glad I can help if it works out for you!