What would you like to see from the Kinect Hacks community?

What are some things that excite you about the Kinect and Kinect hacking community? For one I’m excited to see the commercial applications of the Kinect. For example, here is a new hack that Nordstroms of Seattle just began using.

http://ingame.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/ … id=twitter

While it may seem pedestrian, the more exposure to the Kinect and applications like the one mentioned above the more exposure and the faster the Natural Interface community grows attention.

I think that NUI is the future, and the Kinect is to be thanked for it.

I’m kinda new and not much of a hacker, so please excuse me if this has already been done.

I think about applying it like as used in the Minority Report. Basically controlling the whole user experience on Windows with only your hands (or another operating system)

The Kinect games are pretty cool, but some of the hacks that people are doing are even cooler! 😯

I’d like to see classic games with Kinect on them. How about Double Dragon with KINECT CONTROLS!?

What I really like about the Kinect is utilizing it as a room sensor and making adjustments to an environment based upon movement and recognition. While I think its still far out, I do think that there’s a few things that I can see being created. Like auto lighting, climate control, user based preferences based on recognition of the person. Such as automatic changing climate based on my wifes wants/needs when shes in the room and I’m not, or when I’m in the room and shes not.

a meetup community is good to have. we should have a thread for meetups.

That would depend on the place. Where are you based?