Kinect Bonding Time

Hey guys, just thought you should know. I bought the Kinect around 3 months ago for the family. We used to have a Wii but its now rotting at the basement. Since we got the Kinect, our little girl’s been having the time of her life with us. I mean we still do the classic TV nights, but adding some Kinect love in it adds variety to the possible bonding time we have. Now, my family has this Kinect Fridays where we just play the Kinect and have popcorn and soda after. Really good stuff this device can do. 😛

great post man really happy to see families are benefiting from the Kinect. I mean it was primarily made for the family but we developers made it our own too. Haha

interesting story and glad to know kinect has family benefits as well. I havent played it with my kid yet but looking forward to buying the latest kinect games with her. what games can we play?

maybe the wife will be interested as well? Hahaha.

I love the dance game with the Kinect. Well my Girlfriend plays it more than I do but the choreo is sooooo coool. It really beats the PS dance dance revolution (if any of you remember that). Its a good bonding moment for us too. I’m not really a dancer so we set the difficulty to easy. But when she’s with her girlfriends, they set it to the higher ones.

But nonetheless, consider this a success Xbox Kinect story.