Kinect Street Fighter Workout

I got a Kinect story to tell.

Borrowed ideas from developers to develop a Kinect for he SF4 in the PC. Had it mapped in such a way that it really takes effort to do the moves. It breaks a lot of sweat trust me. So I’ve been playing this Kinect game for a month now and I’ve lost quite a few pounds lately. That’s around 10 and I haven’t changed my eating habits. Plus, I keep getting better and better with the Kinect SF4! Either that or by body is adapting quite well. Keep playing the game guys and keep hacking! You might lose a few pounds in the process.

great job man. i wonder if i can also tone my muscles with this?

I wish the Kinect hackers can come up with more physical oriented games/programs that promote fitness. As of the moment, the programs are for convenience sake, nothing bad about it but I hope we see more that really breaks a sweat.

Street Fighter might be a good example we can work with. More strenuous controls can really give a good exercise. @leviathan, can you give some tips?

@eliteartist not really tone. lots of cardio though

@track23 thanks man. One tip, make the control range and distance really big so it would really be effective.