Battery Powered Kinect

i want to know the different kinds of power-based stuff that the kinect can run on. any of you guys tested it on batteries and such?

someone tried it with a pack of AAs. might worth the google search for that friend.

id pay to see it be solar powered.

I recently saw this Kinect hack that had use AAs on powering the Kinect. I’m really not sure on how long it lasted but based on that video, I believe its enough to get a demo reel going.

I honestly believe that there should be a USB kind of device that can get power from the laptop and power the Kinect. I know there is not a USB device that can get that lots of juice but if a device can be created to do just that, then mobile Kinect problem solved.

I could really use that because I’m planning on a mobile application for the Kinect.

I think the SDK needs a lot of juice, so solar power isn’t a good option yet (well the commercially available ones for that matter).

I believe the AAs can be a solution but I want something like a game-changer kind of way. I was thinking if the Kinect can be powered via a rechargeable pack of custom made power supplies which are mobile. This would come in handy especially for that NAVI hack but I’m planning a mobile hack with the Kinect so that’s why i was asking.

great to hear that you plan on continuing this project. do let me know how it turns out and the length in which the Kinect can function. Would love to also study the possibility of having a portable Kinect device.