Best Way to Position Xbox 360?

First post but one that has been on my mind for some time, especially considering my first Xbox RROD. 🙁

I just bought a Xbox 360 slim and wanted to know what the best way of positioning it was? Is it better to have it laying flat horizontally or is it best to have it vertically?

I’ve read both sides of the story, some saying that vertically is bad because you can block the vents and others that say that horizontally is more prone to overheating since it has a larger surface area on the ground.

What are your thoughts? I don’t want to lose another Xbox!

Been playing mine with vertical positioning. Haven’t experienced the red dots of death so that might be worth a shot.

Either way is fine, just be sure to put it on a solid and flat surface. And avoid constant use.

Mine overheated when I played in vertically! So I’m not so sure @buzzer if thats a good position. When I replaced it and started playing horizontally, it hasn’t overheated yet.

I’d say go withe vertical. Less people are commenting about overheating problems with that setup

well Xbox is notorious for for malfunctioning with the red dots of death without warning even. Hardware dies so theres no really “good way” of placing the Xbox. Best advice is turn it off at least for a good 3 hours after 2-3 hours of gameplay.