Kinect Movie Making

any of you guys know the resolution that the Kinect camera can capture? I’ve seen movies being shot with the Kinect and although it appears to be low quality, I would like to know if given the proper set-up, editing tools and cinematography, if it is a ok camera to use for shooting. I saw a couple of posts that used the Kinect to capture video and have better options for editing.

So pretty much, I would like to ask the following:

1. Kinect Camera Resolution

2. Anybody tried it out to capture video for film use.

3. Softwares used to Kinect video.

4. Ideal equipment for video capture with the Kinect. (laptops or pcs or tablet computers etc.)

Thanks a bunch.


1. The Kinect’s camera resolution is 640×480 pixels. Runs at 30hz. The frame rate and quality of the capture is not that impressive but the 3d imaging certainly makes up for it.

2. I tried it once to create a ring of fire effect around me. You need certain toolkits and drivers to make this work.

4. Aside from the things that make the Kinect work, Adobe AfterEffects is what I use to create the effects.

3. You need a high-performance laptop if you want the video to run as smoothly as possible. It’s hard to carry the Kinect around so it would be great if you can come up with a customized handle for the Kinect and laptop. It is easier to shoot in a studio.

good luck!

Would you happen to know if the Kinect camera is optimal for movie making? I believe it can be used to add some animation and effects but resolution wise I think we will be having a problem.

The upside to this is that pure animated movies can be made with the Kinect. Here of course you have to focus on rendering animated and CG video to make it work. Expensive material definitely but the tech is now way cheaper. The motion capture lets producers have a base template for an animated move.

Conclusion: Live video = No. Animated Video = Hell yes.