List of Free Kinect Demos/Games

Here is the list of free Kinect Demos that you can get for Xbox Live. If anyone has a better list please feel to update accordingly.

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout
Dance Masters
Your Shape Fitness Evolved
Kinect Joy Ride
Body and Brain Connection
Zumba Fitness
Kinect Sports
Sonic Free Riders

That’s all that I have right now, any others would be great.

Zombie Holdout has a demo. You might want to check it out. Its by Pixel Ninja

I played the demo, looks great, I’m looking forward to multiplayer options

There are new games coming out I predict.

any idea if they will be offering the game for free?

I’m pretty sure this is a list of Xbox 360 games a not games designed for hacks to be played on the PC

I assume these free games are downloaded via Xbox Live?