Microsoft Kinect SDK Release Date

Hey guys,

Whats the official word on the Kinect SDK release date? I know it was originally scheduled for a May 16 launch but right now, I am not seeing any action whatsoever in their website. Also, magazines websites aren’t publishing any new content on the SDK. Makes me wonder when we can really expect the SDK.

It just bothers me that I have a planned hack already and still no love from MS. Would’ve been better if I just launched it using the current tools available or at least third party SDKs which are available.

What do you guys think?

I heard about these 3rd party ones. Well if you can’t wait then i suggest using the FAAST or OpenKinect/NI tools for the job, they can do it anyway.

I for one am waiting for the SDK 🙂

I’d wait for the SDK too. if it delivers everything it promised, then not will will your hack be easier to make but also would be easy to share and have more quality.