New Versions of the Kinect

Hey guys, when do you think the new versions (Kinect 2?) will come out? I know the current Kinect still has a lot to offer but I’m pretty sure the guys in primesense are already working on a better one.

Do you predict any specified dates? New features? Will Microsoft still be making the Kinect?

Thanks for your feedback!

It will take probably 2-3 more years before they release a new version of the Kinect. As of now, the SDK will serve as a “feedback” tool for microsoft so they can tinker with the camera for better features and hopefully more affordable rates. Meantime, I’m pretty sure there are other companies out there who are trying to make a better version of the Kinect as soon as Microsoft’s patent disappears (if they do have one). Either way, I’m predicting a better future for depth camera users!

I see. I guess right now we have to settle with the one we have. But dont get me wrong, I love the Kinect and ive been doing some magical stuff with it. I was just checking if we would soon see a more powerful version for the same price. You know how technology moves.


Yeah im siding with Failon on this one, it will definitely take a while before any new versions of the Kinect comes out. Be sure to check up on Microsoft but I’m pretty sure the SDK would make up for the missing features of the current Kinect.

Hey maybe the new versions of the Kinect come in HD capture and full 3d detection without gaps. Ahh that will be the day when things will go exactly as the developers would want to.

I predict another 4-5 years before we see the suggestions I made above. Actually give it 2-3 years. I believe technology moves fast and since Kinect is getting so much attention, other firms will try to make their own. Microsoft will not want to be beaten like that.

I’ve heard news of the latest Xbox 720 is coming out with some HDDVD capabilities. I wonder though if they’re going to release a new version of the Kinect with it? I’m honesty looking forward to an updated version of the Kinect and hopefully they add more accurate motion capture features. Also if they can make the Kinect with more resolution then better.